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Our Story

LEEGOAL was originally a company that invented products around health, because we knew 'Health is a responsibility, and keeping healthy is the responsibility of a person.' Have a healthy body, we should start from every little bit! Such as: not a partial eclipse, not anorexia, not picky eaters! And to do physical exercises every day! Also drink plenty of water, eat more fruit。

But when we really came to you, we found that we were far less committed to health than you, and even we learnt a lot from you. And we also found many of our peers, with all sorts of products flooding the shelves, it was hard to choose, and crucially had too many scams among these products. So we thought that if we made a particular product really useful, looking for the original intention of each product when it was created, and seriously solving your problems. 

“We never thought we would be a great company, but we would certainly do it to be a reliable company.”

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