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Leegoal® Blender Bravo

Redefine The Portable Blender


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Model: Blender Bravo

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Color: White

  • White
  • Magnetic Charging Cable
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Leegoal® Blender Bravo

RedEfine The Portable Blender

After dismantling 187 portable blenders, we finally invented the Blender Bravo, which we believe can redefine The Portable Blender.
Blending has never been so efficient yet lighthearted.

The Most Powerful Motor

More efficient processing, More delicate taste

Even as a personal blender, Leegoal® Blender Bravo has a powerful crushing competence thanks to its 300 Watt motor that makes up to 20,000 revolutions per minute. No need to shake hard, saving you time.

CS+C Technology

Cold Spin+Centrifugal Technology

With thousands of micron-level adjustments to the (six-blade, 304 food-grade) stainless steel blade, Leegoal® Blender Bravo can run at high speed for long periods without generating excessive heat, a perfect technology for increasing the vitamins and other nutrients extracted by the juicer by 56.3%.

More delicate

Keep Fresh Longer

With a narrower opening, Leegoal® Blender Bravo can keep fresher for longer than common ones with wide opening. It also allows you to sip in a right way according to its ergonomic design. Then again, by upending the blender cup, it has a wider opening for easily throwing food and blending.

IPX7 Waterproof

The whole body adopts IPX7 water resistance standard, which means there would be no risk if your Leegoal® Blender Bravo accidentally dropped into water or got caught in the rain as it protects against immersion up to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

20s Self-Cleaning

Just add some water & a couple drop of dish soap, and start a self-cleaning cycle (less than 20s) with one button press. A quick cleaning-up automatically finished.

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Upgraded 18oz (500ml) blender cup for greater contentment. Single or double serving, it's not a choice. Quite suitable for individual energy & hydration supplement on the road or daily sharing with colleagues / family / friends.


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Blending & Drinking

detachable, LIGHT AND effortlessly

A bottle both for blending and drinking through its detachable design. Without bulky size but still superior performance, Leegoal® Blender Bravo crushes ice cubes, frozen fruits, and almonds smoothly yet effortlessly in 20s. It's undoubtedly the only blender for you to take on-the-go and enjoy the nutrient yummy anytime, anywhere.

Blend On the Go

  • Take your Leegoal® Blender Bravo on the go while traveling around the world without the headache of adapting to different power plugs each time. 
  • Make a morning smoothie in the car or office, drink an after-workout smoothie or protein shake in the gym, and share fresh juice with your colleagues during tea time. 
  • Replenish your nutrition while traveling or camping. Easy to store in the car holder, backpack side pocket, and likewise.
  • A ready-to-use blender for students, travelers, fitness enthusiasts, campers, etc.



LEEGOAL® Blender Bravo

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Leegoal® Blender Bravo

Blender Bravo / White
Blender Bravo / White