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- Do I need to register before I place an order?

You can place an order anonymously.

- How do I register?
Click on "Sign in" in the upper right corner. You can sign up using Facebook, Google+ or your email account.

- What if I forget my login password or want to reset it?
Click on "Forgot your password" on the login page and click on Reset Password.


- How to choose the right size
Please check the detailed dimensions listed in the product description. Sizes vary from item to item.

-What is an average size?
This means that the item comes in only one size. Usually, the medium size fits most customers. We recommend checking the product details to see detailed measurements.

Shipping and Handling

- Which countries do you ship to?

Now we can easily ship to 7 countries in a very short time: USA, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and Australia. We can also ship to other countries around the world.

- Do you ship to multiple addresses?

We can only ship to one address per order. We recommend that you place a separate order for each destination.

- What couriers do you use?

DHL, UPS, USPS, Post, etc.

- What is the shipping cost?

It depends on the weight and distance. You can see the exact cost when selecting the shipping method.

- Does UPS/DHL require a signature at the time of delivery?

DHL requires a signature from the recipient, while UPS will usually drop the package off in your yard/front door/porch when you are not home to receive it.

- What is the delivery time?

Please visit https://leegoal.myshopify.com/pages/delivery for details

Returns and Exchanges

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: vip@leegoal.com

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